About IAG

Based in Juneau, Alaska, while the "goalie union" has been around for years, the idea of the International Association of Goaltenders (IAG) was hatched over some post-hockey adult beverages while discussing... okay, while complaining about various goalie-specific issues: What was with that horrible line change in the 3rd? Why does my D insist on planting themselves directly in my line of sight? Then why do they jump out of the way at the last second as the puck is coming, giving me no time to react? C'mon man, sacrifice the body!

Goalies everywhere face these challenges day in and day out. When you meet another goalie, you share an instant sense of camaraderie.

The IAG aims to unite ice hockey goaltenders around the world. We are different, we have our quirks, and we understand each other. We also like to let others know what we do.

Proudly displaying your membership in the IAG does just that.

Get your IAG gear here and remember the goalie creed:

We are goaltenders and keepers. And netminders and goalies.
Who go every game standing tall as the last line of defense between our opponents and the goal.
And neither deflections, nor screens, nor spin-o-ramas, nor dekes, nor breakaways, nor wicked hard slap shots will deter us.